Paola Ceriani, a facialist, started her career as a fashion makeup artist in Milan.

She then moved to NYC and worked as a makeup artist for several well known fashion photographers, travelling through USA and Europe.

During fashion shoots she was inspired by her ability to give models flawless glowing skin achieved without using a lot of makeup.

She was trained by famous NYC facialists and she learned how to treat every kind of skin with different techniques, treatments and skincare products.

Paola believes that true beauty comes from within, she is always searching for non invasive anti-aging treatments.

She created La Lune that glows based on the awareness that we can delay the aging process to create a clearer radiant skin everyday with the right treatment, skincare regiments and a clean healthy diet.

Since childhood she had a passion for cosmetics, makeup, healthy lifestyle choices and herbalism.

The more we take care of ourselves the more we are balanced and happy able to create more love in our lives...